Thursday, January 12, 2012



A kind of (Buddhist) nominalistic philosophy can be found in the Bodhisattvabhūmi and Bodhisattvabhūmiviniścaya (Schmithausen Spirituelle: 166). The key term and concept is that of prajñaptimātra. How about Sautrāntika nominalism (via Frauwallner 1956: 119)? Tsong-kha-pa’s philosophy is said to be closest to nominalism (Jinpa 2002: 175). One of the philosophies of the *Guhyagarbhatantra can certainly be said to be nominalism. 

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  1. again we need the indispensable pramana-works for philosophical discussion and mutual enrichment of understanding; the best description of nominalism seen from the buddhist philosophical training would be Dignaga´s chapter 5 (apoha) of his Pramanasamuccaya and Dharmakirti´s commentaries. Evidently the term "nominalism" will be understood subtly different by specific philosophers..., but through the refined possible starting points our engaged mind-process becomes suppler; mikael