Thursday, January 12, 2012

Antinomianism (or Ethical Relativism)

Antinomianism (or Ethical Relativism):

“In its furthest consequences the innatist and ‘spontaneist’ doctrine—could, in certain circumstances, lead to ethical relativism or antinomianism” (Seyfort Ruegg 1989: 120). “Such antinomianism could, it is true, be derived from ‘over-interpretation’ of what has been said in even such classical texts of Buddhism as the Kāśyapaparivarta (§§ 48−49, on the wise and skilful Bodhisattva’s being untouched by the pain of passion) and Asaṅga’s Mahāyānasa
graha (§ 10.28.11−12, on the theory of the destructions of the kleśas through the kleśas themselves), which have in fact been cited in just this connexion by the bSam gtan mig sgron (see below p. 122). See also Mahāyānasūtrālakara xiii.11, and Sthiramati, Madhyāntavibhagaīkā ii.14 (p. 76) on kleśa as a factor of Awakening (bodhyaga).” (Seyfort Ruegg 1989: 121, n. 233).

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  1. One of the heated historical observable debates in all the religious cultures ever since concerning "subitism versus gradualism": the cognitive ascertainment in the quest of "seeing reality as it is" (yathabhutam) can/could/will split the perplexed mind-disposition.
    Through the melancholic attempt to reconciliate this so felt (even overwhelming ? ) "antinomianism" as the possible furthest consequence of the "innatist doctrinal view" [which immediately/accurately identified by Seyfort-Ruegg as an outcome of "over-interpretation"] the invading vicious, fooling yet "clever intrigues of Mara" will/could culminate in a kind of cognitive crisis or paranoia which eventually provokes the problem to refind an adequate acceptability of ethical values (and hence the danger of falling in "ethical relativism").
    For avoiding those complex cognitive perturbations it is very important (or it would be advisable) to study and understand the extensive spiritual ideal of a bodhisattva! (if one studies/focuses only on "sunyata" and not or not enough on "upaya" this will cause such kind of problems...).
    I think a complet translation of the Bodhisattvabhumi should help and stimulate clarifications (even it will be intellectually and ethically demanding...); mikael