Monday, January 16, 2012

Vaibhāṣika Atomism

According to the Tibetan doxographical literature, Vaibhāṣika is said maintain that the atoms (rdul phra rab) of sense-faculties (dbang po) and objects (don) to be substantially existent (rdzas su yod pa), conditioned phenomena to be without Self (bdag med) and transient (mi rtag pa), and conditioned phenomena such as nirvāṇa to be static (rtag pa). See, for example, the dKon mchog ’grel (p. 44.16–23).

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  1. Vaibhasika atomism should be studied in Mahavibhasa and Samghabhadra´s Nyayanusara; I think it is still not fully understood/appreciated by scholars; Vaibhasika atomism is not "so epistemological naive" (this represents only the first look at reality) as scholars generally represent it...; we need a complete translation of Samghabhadra´s Nyayanusara...;