Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mahāyāna Illusionism

Mahāyāna Illusionism:

(Schmithausen 1973: 180) Illusionistic Ontology; a radicalised form of Hīnayāna Antisubstantialism (Schmithausen 1973: 185; LS Lecture: 60); Buddhasaṅgītisūtra (LS Lecture: 60, 70). A good Tibetan source to consider would be Klong-chen-pa’s sGyu ma ngal gso. Perhaps Māyopamādvayavāda, one of the two schools of Madhyamaka according to some Indian and Tibetan sources (Almogi 2010), can be seen as a school whose philosophy is based mainly on Mahāyāna Illusionism. The most conspicuous statement pertinent to this philosophy seems to that even if there were to exist a phenomenon far more sublime than the nirvāṇa (i.e. Summum bonum) itself, that, too, should be seen as illusory.

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