Saturday, January 14, 2012



Sara McClintock does not seem to use the expression “Externalism” but uses “Externalist” for Bahirarthavādin. See McClintock 2010: 86. By implication, one may also use Externalism for Bahirarthavāda. Bimal Matilal is wondering if we should consider “Externalism” instead of “Realism.”  See Matilal 1986: 370.

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  1. Interesting hint! The language-problem and interchange of ideas itself provokes the continued undecision concerning the word "realism": How should we understand this term? Owing to philosophical speculations about beingness the original/natural meaning of reality became/becomes "distorted" and hence realism (in fact the reality as such) lost/looses it´s original "purity" (reality - not more and not less - is reality). The philosophical quest to express reality through natural thirsty inclination in dualistic concepts (kalpana) represents the compulsory implemented paradigm of grounding cognition itself (which binds and liberates simultaneously...). Hence the necessary expression "externalism" developed out in contrast to the expression "internalism"(and hence furthermore "idealism"). Through subtle mental ploughing of "reality as such" the epistemological pseudo-rivalry between the expressions "realism" and "idealism" began to develop and still develops into multiple challenging more or less fancied philosophical situations - that´s the price of our quest...; when we break this vicious (yet nevertheless didactical considered) circle the philosophical quest is over (for oneself), but there remains the bringing others to the same soteriological cognition - and here again, can we therapeutically become useful to others in operating without words? Thus once again we enter the vicious/didactical circle in trying to apply pedagogical, situational skillfulness as best as gently possible (conforming one´s own abilities) to show and introduce others into the same cognition...; so probably - in this context - the use of "externalism/externalist" for "bahirarthavadin" appears to make sense (as far as I can see...). Hope it helps a little bit...; mikael.