Thursday, January 12, 2012

(Buddhist) Rationalism

(Buddhist) Rationalism:

“Buddhism, therefore—we mean the Buddhism of the Books and of the most learned monks—is a rationalism, but a qualified, an Indian rationalism. Moreover, this rationalism is not always consistent with itself. A number of inconsistencies might be quoted” (de La Vallée Poussin 1977: 33).

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  1. Louis de La Vallée Poussin was an exceptional scholar - I wonder if this curageous man really has ever had enough sleep..., his works are so full of highly valuable notes with cross-references and supportive hints for gradual development of understanding and traceability...; what further magistral publications we would have seen if his life would have been 10 or perhaps 20 years longer...? What an intelligent, sensitive and empathetic person. He passed away sitting in his armchair calmly and discretly as he always was in life. A wonderful, adorable personality...; mikael