Thursday, January 12, 2012



Schmithausen (Lecture-No. 5, pp. 8–18). Buddhist Antisubstantialism is rooted in the emphasis of impermanence or essence-less-ness (LS Lecture: 47, 70).  Hīnayāna Antisubstantialism (LS Spirituelle: 183; LS Lecture: 52) is posited by most Hīnayāna schools. In the huge Yogācārabhūmi, we still see Hināyāna Philosophy, Antisubstantialism and yet fundamentally Realism (with realistic ontology) (LS Lecture: 61). 

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  1. a comparative study of Yogacarbhumi and Mahavibhasa would be great but also tremendous...; there will be surely remarkable findings and benefits...; mikael.